Our values

Culture of a given group is the shared beliefs, atmosphere, values and practices.

Culture eats strategy for breakfast, it is said. 

We aim to intentionally outwork a series of values to embody the kingdom of God on earth

Our Story


Beacon Church was founded in 1991 when two churches merged

We live with a vision to see heaven connect to earth, to enjoy God, to serve in God's world and to celebrate being God's sons and daughters.


We are a grateful family on a mission.


Our invitation is belong, believe, become, be sent.


Over the years Beacon Church has pioneered serving in the community by starting numerous activities and projects - especially that serve children, youth and the disadvantaged.

For example we started the first church-based debt counselling service in the area, the local Foodbank, Healing on the Streets, Eat Well Spend Less courses, Positive Parenting Courses,  Marriage Courses, Little Lights Toddler Group, youth group, Kidz Klub, Just a Helping Hand to support local rough sleepers, etc.


We also started and run Revive Coffee Shop.


The two churches that merged to form what is now called Beacon Church in 1991 were:

Chertsey Community Church

CCC was gounded in 1987 from people who were sent out from the Coign Church in Woking to start a new church in Chertsey.


Thorpe Christian Fellowship

TCF had been founded as a Brethren Assembly in Thorpe in 1928.


After 1991 Beacon Church met in several hired venues:

The Old Town Hall (in central Chertsey)

The Runnymede Centre (now Chertsey High School)

The Chertsey Hall

Jubilee High School, Addlestone


Now we meet at our own building in Chertsey.


Our values



Come as you are



We go for it



Let's have fun



That the Father is with us



We big each other up



We get close



We give it away



We're in it for the long haul